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Will makeup fix that, love?

It’s that time of the year again, where my social life starts becoming close to non-existent and brides start to take over my life…and I wouldn’t change it for the world. J

My blog today is dedicated to the beautiful brides that come from all over the world to get married on our beautiful island, Malta (I’m sounding like I’m sponsored by MTA).

One of the main reasons these brides are my favourite of the species (bridezillas), is because they are happy, relaxed and let’s just say grateful for the beautiful days we are blessed with: you could throw anything at them probably even a ‘runaway groom’ – but NO! As long as they are getting some sun nothing can ruin their day.

However, the sun isn’t always on my team. I’ve walked into bridal rooms and to my surprise find a purple bride. Now that’s a fun colour to correct; dehydrated, burnt, purple looking skin. “Will makeup fix that, love???” Suuuuuure – let me whip out my magic wand from my box of tricks (makeup kit) ……… BLANK FACE!!

If you’re fair and can’t stay in the sun longer than 10 minutes without roasting, your wedding day is not the right day to get a sun kissed glow. It’s just not going to happen missy!

I even had the attempting ‘runaway bride’, that was interesting: a hyperventilating bride as I’m applying her makeup. I was never trained for this. What do you do? Do you either tell her to run and don’t look back or try to you calm her down? What if she should really run? Maybe its one of those stories where I should have said something to save someone. So I sat her down and spoke to her, it was nothing she just got cold feet. She was fine by the end of it and we even joked about it. I stayed with her till she actually left her hotel room to the ceremony.

Then sometimes you come across the sweetest people, I remember this one couple who came here all the way from Australia they were the sweetest, most fun, young loving couple. She had the most beautiful features to work on and they were all such fun to be around. (Congratulations J J baby on the way J )

Most of my brides (as I like to call them) always opt for airbrush, I like to advise them about our humidity in the summer months so airbrush is definitely the best option.

So here is to the opening of  ‘wedding season 2016’!


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