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Wella International Fashion Show

There’s something so intriguing about the Mediterranean Conference Centre – it takes me back to Fashion Week, where some of the fashion shows were held. *oh the adrenaline rush!!
This time it was for Wella international. Really nice to see foreigners appreciating our historical venues. The two brands they were showcasing were “nioxin” and “Sebastian”. The beautiful/ professional models from modelsM were split in 2 groups.
“Nioxin” was more of a feminine look ,we first created a flawless canvas using illamasqua skin base foundation and we had a very natural pink glossy lip and of course I went for my fav of the month (the durable lip fluid from the make up studio, extremely long lasting). This is extremely long lasting, so I had no problems with models eating away their lipstick. 😉Although it’s a long lasting lipstick lips don’t look or feel dry. Eyes were a soft smokey using earth colors and a touch of gold shimmer.
The models for “Sebastian” had a very natural look: black eyeliner defining their eyes and an overdose of mascara…because it’s never enough! Since it’s all about the hair we even kept the lips very nude… So nude that the lip line was barely visible. I only applied a transparent lip gloss. More photos of the event coming up soon.

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