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Wake up to Makeup!

After most makeup sessions, many of my clients often hint out that they wish they could be done up like that every day. My reply to that is that makeup is very long lasting so they could easily sleep with their makeup on and wake up with it the next morning (Blasphemy to the ears of any skin specialist). However let’s be realistic, that’s quite a short lived source of happiness – I strongly advice to cleanse and moisturize your skin every night without fail.

Thankfully ‘au naturelle’ is in and everybody wants to look like they are naturally beautiful. My latest obsession in semi permanent makeup is eyelash enhancements. This would basically fall under the eyeliner category, only looking more natural than an actual eyeliner – almost like it is part of your eyelashes.

eyelash enhancementMany times I get requests for wanting to achieve the result you usually get after cleansing your eyes from makeup and having a light smudge residue on your lash line. This is also done with the micro stroking tool, hence the very thin line.

I’m sure you are wondering if this technique is painful. However, many clients were surprised to learn how pain free it is. A numbing cream is used with a neutral PH making it suitable and highly effective to be used around the eye area. Like any other semi permanent makeup procedure there will be slight swelling. I strongly advice not to set any appointments the day you get it done. To avoid the risk of infections, no eye makeup should be applied within the first couple of days.

For many women, being seen without any makeup on is not an option. When you’re at the beach and you see a voluptuous woman strutting her stuff feeling like she owns the place, then you look closely and see panda eyes or black eyeliner running down her left cheek…cringe!! Well it’s ok…it has happened to me too 🙂 at least now there is something we could do about it.

I highly recommend this is done before summer so it has enough time to set and heal properly.

Hope this read was insightful. Feel free to drop me a line or a private msg for more info xoxox

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